What you're attempting to do is called, "signage". If you have a dedicated PC, use to display, just get the s/w that repeats it all. Sorry, offhand, I just don't know of any s/w, but I'm sure others know. This is what any restaurant does and of course, they use some service that supplies it all. You want a freebie of sorts.

As Robert mentioned, you can use USB port. Many TVs use the USB port to display "photos" or files that are photo related. if Picasa does this, check it out. As for signage, check out what services use and hope you can find an alternative. I would think you get some pic, then edit some text on it, save then display as its content via slideshow it, etc.. maybe even use several pix on Picasa or from a folder, which makes sense and do a whole week, then select folder to display via a PC the day's menu.

FREE: google using keywords, >>> free digital signage software

I'm just tossing that out for ya... -----Willy happy