Spy arrested

by Willy - 3/25/13 7:43 AM

In Reply to: China's intent exposed by Willy

Just read a news story it was continued from last week, I believe. That a contractor of Chinese origin was about to leave and was arrested off the plane. You wonder what if anything was gotten as the technical database is supposedly a public one. But, that China is doing this and if it gets anything helps their needs. It's not uncommon for any country to do this but China once again is flexing it muscles. You have to add it all up and walk away thinking China is posing itself which may not be in our best interests, so why all the trade with China. Isn't it time to punish them?


How did one get so deep into NASA to begin with? Wasn't the person vetted at all or so loose it gets little attention. Google away and find other insistances of Chinese origin going bad.

So, ask yourself, will you go to Wal-Mart and buy something that probably is "made in China". You may not see the connection but since much of industry in China is based on the military industry complex, revamping for other needs seems natural, but is that good for us? Check the label...you're on the front lines and didn't even know it. -----Willy happy