by snapshot2 Moderator - 3/24/13 3:05 PM

In Reply to: Cheers by Twalis

You would be pleased with the Sony HX30V or Panasonic TZ30/ZS20.
The Sony has so many features, it will take you about a year to try them all.

However, when I just looked for the HX30V at the Sony Store, it says that it is no longer available.
Apparently it is out of production. Probably replaced by the HX300.

I still like the less costly Panasonic TZ25/ZS15 because it produces the best pictures.
Camera manufacturers often mix parts from several cameras to come up with another model.
Sometimes they get the right mix and produce a real winner.
It does not have GPS, but has less Megapixels (a good thing).

I'm sure you are aware of the risk of GPS.
While an interesting feature, it has its drawbacks.
It is a battery hog and reduces your battery usage by 1/2.
It also poses a danger to your self.
Post a picture with GPS and anyone can find where the picture was taken.
If it was taken at your house, they can find your address and even see a picture of the outside of your house. So be sure to remove the EXIF information from any picture you post online.

Anyone in the military should avoid GPS for sure.