isn't parole time based on

by Roger NC - 3/24/13 12:06 PM

In Reply to: Parole should be a set time by James Denison

original time sentenced and how much time was served in prison?

Isn't it an early conditional release based supposely on your behavior inside and a review boards evaluation of how likely you are to be a threat or a repeat offender? Leaving aside how good or bad the evaluations are, are you proposing a set parole time regardless of the offense? in that case are you proposing something like 75% of the sentence to be active and 25% parole? or whatever breakdown you prefer.

If parole conditions are violated, does that mean reincarceration for the full term of the original sentence with no allowance for any of the time on parole before violation?

Absolutes are easy, like the zero tolerance bull we see so much. Schools zero tolerance, no matter who starts the fight both get the same suspension. Drug law zero tolerance, a couple of seeds or crumbs of pot is the same as anything up to an ounce. Other examples can be found. They make it easy by disregarding any gray, or extenuating circumstances. With absolute rules, people are freed from responsibility of making decisions aren't they?