if everyone else jumps off the clift are you going to

by Roger NC - 3/24/13 10:05 AM

In Reply to: so what?! by James Denison

You can always make comparisons like that.

Cars and driving are popular because everyone does it.

Actually while not as rabid about illegal immigrants as many, I can't really see how you can give driver's license or accept students in college (even as "out of state" enrollees) known to be illegal immigrant.

So you don't agree with any restrictions on arms? That's what you seem to be indicating?

Do you disagree with the ban on felons having guns.

Going back to your point about people drive illegally ad without license, using the argument that background checks won't stop criminals from getting guns and shouldn't be done, there should be no requirment for driving licenses or tags or insurance or safety inspections, etc.

People drink themselves to death, they eat themselves to death, they starve themselves, they kill themselves by all sorts of stupid behavior, so we shouldn't try to prevent any deaths by car, weapons, contaminated food or water, etc.

It would cut a lot of government, do away with all health inspections, food regulations, traffic courts, medical review, drug testing? Why not since someone is going to break those rule anyway.

Anarchy, that's the way to go, everyone has to take and keep what they need by themselves.

Should eliminate any problems with old people, reduce our population pressure, etc.