so what?!

by James Denison - 3/24/13 9:49 AM

In Reply to: actually I've said before in one sense by Roger NC

People drive cars without driver licenses, some like Tim McVeigh do with out valid plates, people steal other people's plates, even their cars. "Joyriders" create accidents, end up killing or maiming others. People drive without insurance. People have car wrecks, people die, normally law abiding people, both the one at fault and the one's who become the victims. All of this carnage on the highways and roads of America, but we still let as many people drive as possible and even now North Carolina is debating out to let illegals drive and getting all bent up about a pink stripe on the license including some wacky Jewish groups thinking it's the same as Nazi times of wearing identifying mark on their outside, which of course IT ISN'T!

To me this whole attack on guns and being armed toward self defense is ridiculous.