Early Adapter

It is usually a very large gamble when you decide to be an early adapter.
Because there are few, if any, similar cameras available at this time.
I am concerned that their are so few specifications available for the
Galaxy Camera.

i.e. what size/type camera sensor does it use?
If it is no larger than a point-&-shoot camera, 16MP will insure that you will get too much noise.
And that will insure that noise reduction firmware is used and that insures that the pictures will be soft (not sharp).

What about shot to shot speed and shutter lag times?

From what I glean from what few specifications there are,
the camera is pretty much "ho hum".
Equivalent to a $50 camera sold in "blister packs" at department stores.

As far as the iPhone/iPad type features, are they equal to what is already available?

It seems prudent to sit on the fence for a while and see what shakes out of the trees.