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We all started somewhere. It is merely your turn.

I agree with most of what terfyn said... and add some:

We don't know which version CyberDirector - assuming it is relatively new, you should be OK. Worst case is there is a "transcoding step to get the video into a format your editor will deal with.

Some hotel rooms use incandescent... bottom line, whichever camcorder you end up with, learn to use the "white balance" feature in the camcorder.

Try as hard as you can to NOT capture handheld. If a tripod is not available, at least use a shoulder-mount steadying device. I am not a fan of these
but they are better than handheld.

An accessory shoe can be added if one is not on the camcorder you get:
Two accessory shoes - one for video light; one for audio wireless receiver. Has a standard 1/4" tripod mounting screw hole, too.

"External mic" cam mean lots of things. Generally wired vs wireless. In your situation and budget, one of these

Optional high capacity batteries from the camcorder manufacturer...

Several high capacity SDHC cards.

Lighting? You are making this difficult...
but it won't last for 8 hours.

On your $1,000, we just spent about $500. That leaves $500 for the camcorder. Something in the Canon HF M series... has a 1/8" (3.5mm) mic jack, manual audio gain control, and probably the largest lens diameter and single imaging chip available.