Headphones to TV

by birdy1928 - 3/22/13 5:46 PM

In Reply to: Ready for the next step, birdy by weaver15ny

Young Lady: Kudos for your courage!

My still serviceable headphones are Radio Shack. The flat screens I bought were my first and thus I thought that they couldn't possibly be less user friendly than my old Sony and JVC. I was wrong because none of my old equipment can be connected without wire tangles, converters and something called "toslink" (don't ask...). Despite purchasing all those extras, proudly made in and imported from the sweat shops in China, none of my external speakers is working no matter what make or original purpose.

Being able to use the headphones, however, obviates the need of extra speakers.

At least there is a pair of RCA-in jacks for a DVD player to view the DVDs I make as a hobby with my camcorder.