Training videos

I hope I can help on some points.

Video recording conforms to generic formats and, providing you don't switch your camera to something odd, should work with any editor. Most new cameras do HD now so stay with HD. Again most editors will burn a DVD in SD from an HD source.

No point in fixing an accessory mic to the camera, the camera mics will do equally as good a job. Every point in having a mic located close to the interviewee (say on a table) and plugged into the mic socket of your camera.

If you want extra lighting, go for the new LED lights. Low power consumption, battery driven, cool output and can have colour gels fitted. Two with 100+ LEDs should do the trick. (Serious photographers will hate this suggestion!)

I don't expect your subjects will survive 1.5 hours of interview without a break and your audience certainly will not. Expect to stop and start. Your batteries won't survive either so run the camera from a mains supply.

For interest, my set up is a Panasonic HC-V700 camcorder and VideoStudio Pro editing suite.