Headphones to TV without RCA jacks

by birdy1928 - 3/22/13 10:59 AM

In Reply to: Thank you, birdy by weaver15ny

My pleasure, weaver15ny.

My Directv satellite receiver box is the newest model and even comes with what they call Genie boxes to insure better reception on additional TVs elsewhere in the home. If your headphones worked on an old CRT TV before, they'll work when plugged into the proper RCA jacks in back of the box.

We're now enjoying the system both with and without the headphones. Just pressing the TV remote's mute button will kill the TV's sound without affecting the volume control on the wireless headset. There's no need to venture into the menu of the TV to change settings to an external speaker. Make sure that the batteries in the controlling headset are being charged at all times. Even though the dock is plugged into an AC outlet, if the push button on the headset is not turned off when being replaced on the dock, it'll wear down the charge.

Since this seems to be an old threat, I DO hope that others benefit from this simple solution. I am not an audio engineer, just an old young man with bad hearing from artillery fire in WW.II.