Advanced Gear

I went to school with someone that did all the photography for the school and later became the town's number one photographer. That was back in the days of film. It sounds like you can have a career in photography if you want it.

So you might as well plan for the future. That means you should be looking for a full frame camera. But plan on keeping your present t2i as you will need a "back-up" camera. Most of the lenses you have will not work on a full frame camera. The 50mm f/1.8 will work and can act as your low light lens for now.

Using a DSLR camera for a video camera has its limitations, and is not the best choice.
Sound is the biggest problem.
Think camcorder.

If you are looking for more jobs to do, look into weddings.
Talk to a wedding planner, they are always on the lookout for photographers.
you can start by working a few weddings for friends and relatives.