Headphones to TV without and RCA out port

by birdy1928 - 3/21/13 1:33 PM

In Reply to: headphones to tv by weaver15ny

The Samsung 43 inch plasma TV has no RCA audio outputs to plug my headphones into.

I just bought every possible connector, cable, converter and toslink Amazon has to offer to solve the problem. Nothing worked.

Turning the Directv mothership cable box around (there's something called a "Genie" sitting on top whose purpose is emitting a nice blue light plus some other unknown purpose...) I found enough RCA jacks to plug anything into. My wireless Radio Shack phones are now working fine thanks to the dock's RCA plugs.

I can turn the TV audio down to a whisper and still have plenty of sound in the headphones with their own volume control. That solves the problem of sending an undesirable sound volume into the area behind the TV which sits on a room divider cabinet.