It all depends...

by Willy - 3/21/13 10:55 AM

In Reply to: I don't think that works. by Kees_B Moderator

Which is why I stated it should have been done when all was in place during initial day 1 setup. If all those files are correct and still the same arrangement and ONLY was moved within the D drive, maybe it will work. Again, I offered its worth the effort to check results. I still offered to get from OEM any discs. Also, if an user is capable then one can make a bootable disc and/or if so selectable from the burning s/w. That bootable may only offer a menu which then points to some setup or added user intervention to continue. It all varies which is why most OEM immediately post the warning to make "recovery/restore disc(s)" during the owner's 1st days of operation. To do this after prolonged use may not always be so easy, but even if never done, the OEM s/w for such an operation is present and if a user follows procedure may still make as originally intended, *maybe*. Besides burning, one could dump those files to a flash drive just to have them as raw source back-up.

As for the links provided were simply informational and even then it depends on the version of Nero which may vary yet again slightly.

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