iMac To Mac Mini

by seedcake - 3/20/13 2:16 PM

In Reply to: Mac mini question by Piotr Roshkov

I bought an iMac in 2007 then it developed a screen fault. Then i had a further 2 Brand new iMacs,but they turned out the same. It`s a long story.On the 4th of March 2013 i got a full refund.
I too was going to buy the new Mac Mini,but i was bitten once so I researched the Mac Mini. I have found that it has a problem with HDVI connection,and Apple has supposed to have fixed this. In one review the editor gave the thumbs down do not buy it.
At the moment i am typing this from a Mac Mini 2007 hooked up to a Samsung Monitor,and it`s working ok,but has you will know it`s very slow,and the spinning wheel of death has appeared less than i expected.
I am still making enquires about the new Mac Mini,but they all, so far are not very good due to this issue.
I would strongly advise not to buy an iMac,because they have a fault as well.