Video for YT

by Terfyn - 3/20/13 12:46 AM

In Reply to: Camcorder for YouTube - HF G10? by jamesb12345

First do you really need high quality for YouTube? YT output that I have seen is very average. Any good HD camera will do the job. The subjects you are filming and the lighting may dictate your choice of camera.
What you will need is a good editor and, preferably, one that will transfer your video directly to YT. I am not a YT expert but it looks as though the video is compressed (downgraded) to take up less storage space.

In my case, I use Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 which will post directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr.
My cameras are a Panasonic HC-V700 HD and a Canon HV20. Both have excellent output, the V700 is good in low light conditions. The V700 is SD card based so the files are easy to transfer to my PC and the Hv20 is DV tape based and uses a Firewire connection to my PC.