by Willy - 3/19/13 8:51 AM

In Reply to: Toshiba HDD recovery help! by Dav11t

If the recovery folder or s/w that is the old "D recovery files" make an .ISO file from it. provided how big it is or the total size of those recovery files, etc. add up to. If less than a 4.7 blank DVD+R or 9.4(dual-density) maybe you could make a recovery disc. This is only a guess at best, it would have been better if you made the recovery disc before when new and everything was where it was suppose to be. Proceed to make the .ISO file and then burn a "bootable" recovery file and see if it works. All you lost is the time and blank disc to check this out. Otherwise, order the recovery disc for model# while they're still in wares and can be gotten.

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