PN64E8000 picture settings

by cc4tnr - 3/16/13 5:21 PM

In Reply to: Samsung PN60E8000 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

Thx so much for the post on the picture settings. I had been waiting for this TV to come down in price and I was able to pick up on low price point with all the new TVs ready to come out. I know I will be envious of the new ZT Panasonic but picking up 2012 technology for under 2k on a 64" TV (replaced my 40") is a nice upgrade. I had 2 questions though - I update the SW today and applied all the settings - the only issue I had was the "cinema smooth" picture option is noe grayed out - it wasn't before the upgrade - I chose auto2 instead - anyway to unlock this option? Also I notice a split second "focus" moment on close ups and sometimes on camera angle changes - is this normal on this size tv or are there any suggestions - I have TW cable snd my box is on a splitter with my wireless modem - maybe I need a signal booster? Thx,