Choose carefully

by Terfyn - 3/14/13 10:43 AM

In Reply to: Is there any camcorder that is reccomended to use? by Awwyee

Why are you giving a list of hi-end camcorders? A single chip camcorder that records in HD is more than enough.
My camcorder is a Panasonic HC-V700 and its excellent. $350

My setup would be a Camcorder with HDMI output to a DVD recorder and a totally separate sound system.

To record a church service you will need the camera well back and probably high up. In a location like this, the picture will be great but the sound will be rubbish - full of echo and distortion. You will need to mic up the choir, congregation and the priest to get decent sound. This could be mixed down and fed into the recorder via the audio input. The camcorder mics will be useless.
This may be a case of back to the drawing board.