re: greyed out boxes

by pworam - 3/13/13 9:26 AM

In Reply to: greyed out boxes by iamtompowers

Don't know what to tell you. Those settings might have been under a different firmware version. I wouldn't get too hung up on it. I didn't like those settings myself. My advice is to find a setting you're happy with, then transpose it into the other settings, keeping in mind that every picture mode has it's own set of 3D picture settings too. I set Expert 1 as a one size fits all approach for all my devices (ext. hdd videos, cable, PS3, Wii-U, etc...) in terms of color preference, saturation, brightness, picture and settings. I'll usually switch to the game picture setting to cut down on lag when playing games, but I transpose basically identical picture settings that I use in Expert 1. I use the same basic settings for the 3D picture settings under each profile, but tweak the saturation, color temp, backlight, picture, contrast and sharpness as close to the glasses-free settings as possible. Hope that helps.