headphones and tv

by weaver15ny - 3/10/13 8:44 PM

In Reply to: Simple solution by ronniebad

But I don't want to mute the tv speakers unless i am watching tv alone. I need the headphones but the others who are in the room only need the tv speakers. The very long letter titled "The best advice you'll ever receive! And the cheapest too! by Refractor_999 - 3/30/12 7:09 PM " way at the beginning of this thread says something about a jack that can be bought for a dollar or so. Could I be needing that? and if so, how do i use it.
I'm a reasonably-computer-savvy old lady who knows nothing about TVs. And the thing that should have been simple, isn't. My old TV was no problem except except that I wanted a much bigger one with interesting features.. I think I need a tv-dictionary. Thanks loads. I appreciate your responses.