by wrau1 - 3/9/13 11:59 AM

In Reply to: If you have by Jimmy Greystone

I tried that but it didn't work. It seems as if the HDMI switcher was just made to hook up a couple different components to the same viewing source. I bought a 2-Way HDMI Splitter and that seems to somewhat do the trick but my PS3 then shows up on both the Monitor and TV at the same time. I can live with that but now I cannot hook my PC up to my monitor. I have a VGA port on my monitor and I tried connecting that to my computer with a DVI cord (since my videocard doesn't have a vga port, its a nvidia geforce gtx 560 Ti) and had to use a dvi to vga adapter to connect it to the monitor. For some reason, even after I select D-SUB on the Monitor, it will say no signal. Haha, so yeah, not having much like. I appreciate your response though, I've read other places that your suggestion should work but for whatever reason I can't get it.