Choosing best resolution/quality setting for recording vide

by Nikurashi - 3/7/13 11:37 AM

In Reply to: Compression is your enemy by boya84


The problem is, you can't always choose the most suitable resolution. I like to send videos by E-mail. I did it all the time with my now expired Flip. To replace it, I chose a Samsun pocket camcorder, but I now realize that that was a mistake. It's just not designed for producing videos that can be sent by E-mail. True, after hours of stumbling and fumbling (I'm no expert), I was able to compress the Samsung produced video with QuickTime enough to send it by E-mail. However, what I FINALLY managed to send was a very short video, and I don't think I will ever be able to send a long Samsung video. So, I think the choice is not to find a proper setting on your camcorder, but to find a camcorder that has a suitable setting available--my Samsung doesn't, but I'm hoping that other pocket camcorders do.