S-video and composite

by mjd420nova - 3/6/13 2:59 PM

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S-video was the first HD or extended TV video medium. That would be the preferable way to capture the higher resolution. Stuck between the composite-component video and audio, if was the fist step to HD. I tried many capture cards and external USB devices, some work very well but not on all units. Interupts and scan rates can make flicker free operation easy but mixed results abound from driver interference and updates that overwrite files and send things off to left field. When installing those devices I like to make them the first hardware install so it's software will find the default interupts and not be forced to chose from leftovers. Care must be taken in any further hardware or USB drivers installations that they may interfere, a double check after a good insatll and again after each subsequent one will keep things working. Haupage makes the best cards and SIIG the smallest USB device. HD cards and USB units were in the close to $200. range. Many factors come into play with media frame rates and formats compared to capture parameters and display configurations on a viewing device.