old tv new connections

by ClarkNelson - 3/5/13 7:30 PM

In Reply to: Old TV, new connections. by _Windows_Man_

You can do the connections, windows man, with what you have. All will be one way to the tv, or inputs. You can use the s-video and it will not hurt your computer--output is output. You must have a way to convert your video output from your computer to analog, either in the computer's DAC or use the DAC you have connected to the VCR. I assume your Apex converter has a rca (yellow) out for your vcr. The tv is not the main issue, it is making sure that you have an analog signal in video and audio to your vcr. Since you are using the headphone jack on the LT for audio, you can go directly to the vcr with your red and white connectors. Good luck, and do not forget that Thrift shops are now selling tv's with a variety of connector options starting at five bucks. RF adapters instead of the vcr are plentiful at thrift stores, and you do not have to have a power supply. Try Goodwill.