difference in tablet and e-reader

by jadtubaman - 3/5/13 9:57 AM

In Reply to: the Kindle is not a tablet by 4Denise

To add the biggest difference to a tablet and an e-reader is the screen. A tablet uses a capacitive screen, which is capable of touch. An e-reader usually uses a screen with e-ink, which is superior to capacitive screens as far as reading in my opinion. Why? Because they absorb light rather then reflect it. Go to the beach? Sit by the pool? Sunny day at the park? The sun will only glare on a tablet, and does not make for good reading. The e-reader however you can have the sun shining on it, and it actually makes it easier to read! If that's all you are doing, it's great! Plus, if reading books is all you want to do, then it won't be so bad if you break/ loose it at the beach/pool/park.

On the other hand, I do find having a tablet nice. I am waiting on my car, and was able to check my email and find this thread while I waited. I would have hated having a laptop just to read and surf, just to bulky. Not to mention trying to hold it or balance it on my legs (and feeling the burn from it getting hot). Couldn't read this on a simple e-reader either. All in all, I have multiple devices to use for different occasions. I also never buy the latest and greatest as it's too expensive. So, fad? Not at all. Times are changing. People's needs are also. Learning how they may be of use to you can be beneficial. It's not for everyone.