Are tablets a fad?

by sbp1950 - 3/4/13 8:10 AM

In Reply to: It's recent. It's a gadget. by 4Denise

Yup, I'm with Denise.............all the way! I travel a lot and just bought a new Acer netbook.......they still make them! Great piece of kit, fast, huge memory, 4gb ram, good battery life etc.etc., When it's closed it's the same size as most tablets, so it's easy and light to carry around.The only thing it won't do that a tablet will is take a photo but my phone does that!! Before I bought the netbook, I looked at all the leading tablets and could not justify one on both peformance and price. (My netbook was cheaper than some of the all-singing tablets!) So I really don't understand the tablet craze. From my perspective it's simply a large smart-phone! I hope that if any computer manufacturers are reading this thread, they will consider launching a range of "smart-netbooks" that encompass the most useful aspects of a smart-phone, with the computing power of laptop! Now that piece of kit wouldn't be a fad!