Night/Dark Photography

by Huge_Iris - 3/3/13 9:45 AM

In Reply to: Best DSLR for night scenic shots. by annyeap14

Hello best of luck to you it took around 3 years to master dark photography or really to extra dark situations. I have a Canon T2i with an 18 megapixel CMOS crop sensor 1.8x. I shoot semi pro the big sensor is great I crop almost every picture, so I need it. This camera is around 3 years old on the market I bought it with a really decent 18-55 EFS lens and a few perks and a warranty for around 1200.00 now I see them advertised for 175.00-400.00 Bang for the buck my camera with average lenses blows so many of the Nikons away until you get into midline to higher cameras. Here is a secret it shares a processor/the ultra sensitive 18 mega pixel sensor/ another internal micro computer/ the menu system/ the body frame/ pop up flash. It is essentially a baby 7D I know so many wedding shooters who use it as a second camera it will mount EF-S/EF/L and herd some other manufactures lenses. Your choice in lenses is insane. Just bought a 50mmf1.8 mk2 this camera goes on full blown incredible mode the better the lenses you put on it. Oh yea it share over half of the great features of the 7d. In a shop we popped on the 70-200 L series top lens and the pictures were so good the store manger was like lets take a walk I shot for around 20 min out back of the shop then went back in on the computer I was completely stunned at the pictures I took 85% fully useable shots. Usually I hang in the 35% range. Ok the juicy stuff. You can control the color sensitivity in a special menu white balance shift , Canon has this thing called Picture Styles they set the camera up you have 4 parameters usually sharpness,contrast, saturation and color tone I started to use these recently experimenting is a must you can flatten out the world , make it almost 3D, make the soft portrait mode and bump up the color sensitivity people look incredibly wonderful, 6 come standard they are fair tweak them and it makes your shooting style even more yours, then you have 3 user mode 1 B+W thats has digital color filters red /orange/green/blue/and yellow toning like sepia or cyan sharpness /contrast I have color filers in glass I like the cameras better. I just bought the 430 ex 2 flash I have to say it is literally insane what this camera for now roughly 300 dollars can do the right lenses, the right flash, oh flash controls are simply outrageous the control is so amazing. Night stuff no flash street lights drop the shutter to 1/8 -1/40 th cars are solidish with every thing in a blur . just after rain or a light snow i pump it up to iso 12800 and it turns into a dream land , ad a picture style and a shift in color and its like arty world extreme. Its dry picture style I made ultra sharp-moderate contrast-about 60% desaturated and the camera loves darkness even more . with this camera people always ask how do you do that ?? I never tell any more let them stew and wonder thats what art is about. i shoot bands in my area there is no where with lights like 10 year ago add a flash and tape gels to the flash wb/color hike up the say the red . make a new picture style on the fly 10 seconds or so now the house lights at iso 6400 half the stage is red put an omni bounce on with a gel its a color bomb exploding in front of the stage. Ive made up ways to deal with boring band shots cause of the lack of colored lights omni with just the slash instant stage lighting. Buy lenses with image stabilization I can hand hold 12 seconds fireworks are easy though a tripod is ideal. Cheap lenses search for focus in the dark so I hand focus a lot. Its by far the best camera i have owned or used ever next the d5MK2 /7D you will not go wrong at 3 years its still teaching me to be a better photographer every day. Good luck