Yeah, some are that big

by Whisperss8239 - 3/2/13 1:12 PM

In Reply to: TEN pound laptop? by janitorman

My laptop sans the power cord is 9.4lbs. Add the cord and you're pushing the better part of 11.5lbs. It's new (had it less than a year) and it's a gaming machine with a 17.3" screen and as much power as machines costing upwards of a $1,000 more, especially since I bumped the RAM to 16GB 8-) I wanted one like that for two reasons. First, I am a very large man and regular sized laptops are a challenge to use over long periods, and second, if it is powerful enough to drive the latest and greatest games for the next 5 years (and it is, he, he), it will do anything else I ask of it which is important to me because I absolutely detest being told "no" by a machine.