Tablet pros and cons

by Kaarlo - 3/2/13 12:44 PM

In Reply to: Tablet pros and cons by pcwizard2600

Dear pcwizzard2600,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. happy Your, should I say "philosophical approach" to the stu....ty of the average consumer (you were polite enough not to use that word) was what was needed here. The way needs are being created is obnoxious. I copied and sent your text to a dozen younger people. mischief Being a drone manufacturer I am not anti-business, but it is hard to feel at home in the business community any longer.
There is not a domain in life anymore where we are not being constantly exposed to a shower of nonsense and deliberate misdirection. Be it banks or fund managers trying to make us believe they know how to make our money grow, be it simple things like titles and job designations. My daughter was "Team Leader International Marketing Communications" Nobody, not even I her father understood what that meant, and the Team Leader had one single person under her command !
My hobby is magic, and that in my view is the only domain where misdirection is allowed and legitimate as long as it is directed towards spectators who came to watch a performance of magic. Nobody in his right mind would think the lady is really being chainsawed into two pieces though it looks like it.
Finland is especially technology crazy. In Germany many businesses still use pre XP Windows versions. Here you owe it to yourself to upgrade to Vista and then to Seven and now to Eight. As was well documented on this site, if you need a PC for doing work, there is no need to upgrade from XP, and a tablet may be fun, but do not believe you need it for work. Fooling others is bad enough, fooling yourself is the worst sin of all.

Kaarlo von Freymann Helsinki Finland