Tablets are many things, but smartphones are different again

by mbaehr1b - 3/2/13 12:34 PM

In Reply to: Not just a fad or gadget. by mingdragon

I agree tablets do so much, with a unique balance between portability and usability. However, I don't think smartphones have a more limited future. If you need that phone frequently enough, with the bigger screens today, they are still the more convenient way to take your essential features with you pretty much anywhere. I plan to get a smaller tablet (anywhere between 6- and 8-inch) later this year for an overseas trip, but on a daily basis I throw my 4-inch-plus smartphone into purse, pack or even pocket and in addition to calls can check mail, use the calendar, read newspapers or magazines, use the maps, surf the Net, and even create basic docs all without taking up significant space or weight. Music, video, and games are quite feasible as well. If you have a little more tech knowledge, you can make most of the newer models work with TV, projectors, and other auxilliaries for presentations or showing photos, for example. So far I have made a choice in favour of the smartphone. When the time comes and I have the funds to spare, a tablet should be better for media and reading. Still, it will be secondary to the smartphone for local, everyday use. And BTW, both device types can be made to work with a small folding keyboard that does a decent job, as opposed to the on-screen one, creating something closer to a modular, mini laptop but without the size and weight.