Thanks Bob!

by Lellen29 - 3/2/13 10:24 AM

In Reply to: Of those, I'd read more about SZ7. by R. Proffitt Moderator

...for all the great advice. I went with the SZ7...Call me paranoid, but the idea of geotagging my photos kinda creeps me out. Although it would be nice to know personally exactly where I was when a photo is taken, I'm uneasy about random others knowing exactly where I am/was. If that makes any sense.

Now to find the best SD card for the much storage should I buy for a 10 day trip if I plan on taking some video clips also? Is there any need to have more than 1 card? I am a bit confused about this bc I read somewhere that you are limited as to using no more than 4 GB of space on any SD card...If that's the case, then what's the use in ever buying anything higher than a 4GB card? Why would I pay for 8GB when I can only use 4 of it? Is this a marketing ploy? Shouldn't I just buy several 4GB cards?