Forget best for a moment here.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 3/2/13 11:11 AM

In Reply to: Thanks Bob! by Lellen29

If the device takes the 32GB card, get that. I'm at the office so I'm surrounded by cameras, tablets and such. I'll pull out the cards and list the names.

HP 32GB SD card.
Sandisk 32GB MicroSD card in a SD adapter.
Patriot EP 32GB SD card.
My camera (DSLR) has a Transcend Class 10 32GB SD card.

Somewhere there's a 32GB AmazonBasics card in the office but it didn't show up in my few minute roundup to share this.

What is this? Prices crashed on these cards and if you get such from a reliable venue (I think all these were from Amazon) it's rarely any worry at all.

A last thought and a tip. Notice the MicroSD card in the SD adapter? Pretty cool as it can be re-used in a phone or other device.

Parting tip. When you get your card, use the camera's menus and format it in the camera to give yourself a clean fresh start.