Tablet vs Laptop

by nose2wind - 3/2/13 7:39 AM

In Reply to: Tablet pros and cons by pcwizard2600


I felt very much the same as you. I have been watching the tablet wars and waiting. A few things happened lately that convinced me to make a decision. Windows 8 was one. Now I could have the same operating system on my PC, phone and tablet without switching to Apple. That said, I still ran into a few roadblocks. The screen size at 10" doesn't work so great for me. Some apps are fine others like brousers, touching tiny links etc. with fat fingers not so great... I also felt that having so many different devices to do the same basic functions seemed overkill. Why not combine the price of a Tablet with the price of a laptop and put that into one very nice device. After much reviewing I ended up with a convertable. The Dell XPS 12 to be exact. Runner up was the New Surface Pro. (10"screen)
This has been a great decision for me. I started out using it as a laptop most of the time, however I'm noticing more that I use it in tablet mode. When the need arises I just open it up flip the screen over and start typing away on a great keyboard. It has plenty of power i7 8G of ram etc. All your programs will work, printers etc. Whats not to like?
The only thing I will say as a negative might be battery life 5hrs and weight for use as an e-reader. My solution has been a simple Nook as my reader. It is light as a feather, cheap, and goes about a month on a charge. No worrys...