It's not a fad

by B1nmidm0 - 3/2/13 6:40 AM

In Reply to: As they are today... by 4Denise

Tablets come in different shapes and with different capabilities. For those who forgo pizza delivery twice a week, owning an IPad 4 is very affordable. It's all about HOW you want to spend your hard earned cash. IPad's or any other tablet is not about replacing the way we compute, it's about increasing our enjoyment by doing more with whatever device meets your situation at the time. As far as who are complaining, maybe its just a lack of understanding their limitations and how to best utilize these wonderful additions. This same debate could be had for why some people own a Mac Air and a MacBook. We've got all the above but we cut other corners so we can enjoy everything tech has to offer. Tablets are here to stay but they are NOT a replacement for desktops or laptops. Why can't just be happy we've got more ways to enjoy CNET?