<sigh> Sarcasm doesn't travel well via plain text...

by Wolfie2k5 - 3/2/13 1:43 AM

In Reply to: TEN pound laptop? by janitorman

For what it's worth... MOST laptops are still fairly bulky and heavy - even the Macbook Air. Fine. They don't all weigh in at 10 lbs. You still completely missed the point.

My tablet - a 7" Ainol Novo 7 Paladin - weighs in at 12 OUNCES. That's just over 340 grams for those more familiar with metric. If I include the leatherette case, it's 15 ounces - or about 425 grams. That's still less than one standard US pound.

The problem with paper maps - there are actually quite a few.

1.) They go out of date, requiring that you buy a new one every few years. Sure, your tablet will eventually need to be replaced - but the new one will be even better and likely be able to do more than the ones available today.
2.) They're bulky. A Thomas Guide is heavier than 12 oz.
3.) They're a pain to fold back to the way they originally came.
4.) You can't zoom a paper map. You can zoom in on a tablet. With Google Maps, you can even get a STREET view.
5.) Paper maps are a PITA to read in the dark. Tablets provide their own light.
6.) The fold out variety of map takes up lots of space. A 7" tablet will always be 7" - regardless of the map's size.
7.) Paper maps can't help you figure out turn by turn directions. A tablet can... Just ask any map site (Google, Bing, Mapquest, etc...) for directions between two locations. Problem solved.

I could go on but I think I made my case. There are some significant advantages to a tablet.

Yes, you can go ahead and wait for a future gizmo that's the size of an SD chip and can project a screen. In the meantime, I'll be living in the here and now and enjoying the technology we've got available NOW.