TEN pound laptop?

What is that dinosaur? We have one that's under four pounds! This isn't a "notebook" but a full fledged laptop from HP with an i-5 processor and 8GB memory. OR for a lot less money, you can get a 12" screen "notebook" that's under two pounds. If you can't heft two pounds, you can't lift a tablet, that's just under a pound, most likely, and is pretty hard to use as anything but an e-reader (thanks, yes, I have an e-reader, and that's all I use it for.)
I'm not much into the mobile craze, I do have a (basic) cel phone, but I really don't need to carry the internet around with me, nor receive "texts" when I'm in my car, or at the store. I can see where it might be useful for some people who don't carry maps in their car to Google something, but I do carry maps, they don't require power at all.
I'm actually awaiting the day when screen size won't matter. There will be no reason to have a fixed device size, your entire computer will be on something the size of an SD card, and the "screen" will float in the air (Holodeck style) at whatever size you want it, there won't BE a physical screen on ANY device, be it at home or mobile. Keyboards, for those who need them (like me) will fold up and go in your pocket, and have better tactile feedback than the current laptops. Pointing devices/alternative input will be the challenge, as you won't be able to "touch" a screen as the current crop of tablets makes you do, nor will a traditional mouse really work very well. Probably the foldable keyboard will have something similar to a touch pad on it, which works great, much better than a traditional mouse for most uses. Plus there will be some type of "tablet" that's just a rolled up piece of plastic that you can use "pen" input on, and have it send to your small SD sized pocket computer.
Until those come along, I don't see much need to replace the hardware I have now.