sociable device

by janitorman - 3/1/13 9:58 PM

In Reply to: Tablets are not laptops by Practical-Mac

Er, that's an oxymoron. Most devices make people UNsociable, as in people listening to music on the radio, instead of singing with each other, or sitting watching TV instead of talking to each other, or texting under the table at dinner while there are real people sitting next to you to talk to. That's rudeness, modern society is full of this, and it needs to stop! I don't like going over to someone's house to visit and all they do is watch the TV, nor going out to dinner and your daughter never speaks to you but is "texting" someone else. The rare exception to this is the telephone, so that you can keep in touch with someone far away, hear their voice, in a way you could never do otherwise.
This whole talk of Skype builds on that, but having to purchase something besides a basic phone connection to do it turns me off. (Apparently you have to have high speed internet, or a broadband connection, or something, and some tablet device, or a computer WITH speakers, a camera, and a microphone... I have speakers, but i never saw much use for them, and usually have them off. I don't have a camera or microphone. There's a camera on my cel phone but it's useless, blurry, and I finally taped over it so I don't take pictures of my foot by accident.)