Readers and tablets

by deedeest111 - 3/1/13 8:51 PM

In Reply to: the Kindle is not a tablet by 4Denise

To be a good reader it has to be a tablet, if no more than to reload books, that's for your dummy look. I live in a small town, that last year was the first city school system in our state to go to e-books instead of paper. Your question came up. Ereaders were cheaper than tablets, however with a tablet the teachers and students can go online ask tutorial questions, join in discussions on school topics and activities. The thing I am trying to say is just buy a tablet, not a book, you will regret saving $20.00. That's about the difference today. What ever you decide you'll own one in two years, cause it'll have you desk top PC out powered and collecting dust. You'll come in home plug your Phablet into it's dock and watch tv, go online, shop, anything, believe me it's coming faster than you think. You won't have a wallet either.