As they are today...

by 4Denise - 3/1/13 7:49 PM

In Reply to: I think I understand the problem by Beauregard6

They are a fad. If you use it, great. Many people do not. In fact, I hear more complaints than anything else. I said it numerous times: if it doesn't meet a need, skip it. That statement also implies (rather strongly) if it does meet a need then it's up to you if you want to spend the money. It simply does not meet a need for most people.

A fad is something that suddenly becomes popular, but is not likely to remain popular forever. In the tech world, almost everything that people buy in large numbers winds up being a fad. I am justified in calling tablets a fad based on the history of high tech gadgets. They will only be popular until something more popular comes along. We can almost bank on it. That makes them a fad, by definition.