Not just a fad or gadget.

by mingdragon - 3/1/13 7:11 PM

In Reply to: It's recent. It's a gadget. by 4Denise

Ever watch shows like NCIS or CSI? Tablets are an extension of the main computer systems, desktops, servers, smartphones, e-readers and laptops. Information data like PDFs, photos, streaming video and camera shots are easily picked up an viewed on the tablet (ultra portablity). For the military they offer instant personal contact from drone feeds, recon and target solutions. Restaurants can use them as not only instant menus but also for placing orders. Schools can use them for text books, multimedia devices and WiFi broadcast lectures. They can be used in vehicles and remote locations to watch streamed movies or TV. Medical offices can use them for patient records, histories, diagnostic help, test results and ordering prescriptions. Law enforcement can use them for real-time search of finger prints, arrest records, driver license searches and criminal identification. Any streamed data from WiFi networks, 3G/4G telecommunications, etc. can be received and relayed via a small very portable screen. PCs and laptops are used for serious work where fast processor speed, massive storage and oodles of RAM function best. The real question is whether smartphones are a fad gadget with limited future.