I think I understand the problem

by Beauregard6 - 3/1/13 5:46 PM

In Reply to: the Kindle is not a tablet by 4Denise

Hi, Denise. I think I understand what's going on. I think your social network, your group of friends I should say, are the type who actually DO "keep up with the jones's" as the saying goes. Maybe in your circle of reference, your female friends are buying tablets with pretty covers to look cool. This seems to be your complaint.

The reality is, that for the people like, lets use my daughter and son-in-law as examples. Once the kids are in bed, they are on their phones, checking social media, posting photos they've taken of their kids that day to fb, checking twitter accounts. My son-in-law as I mentioned, is a photographer. For a hobby - he owns a company that makes video games for work. (they only make SIMS games.)He is quite bright and very very successful. He plans on getting a tablet for work. There are so many things he can use it for, it's portability, taking sketches/ideas to Sony or Microsoft, both of which they have contracts with. But any professional can use it in their way; an atty, a physician can bring up an xray. We belong to a church that carries our scriptures, and they go on a tablet, snap! The uses are unlimited. Just as the smaller iPod Touch. But who wants to work that small? On TV the show Criminal Minds, shows each agent with the info on a case already uploaded to their tablets before they go into conference. I imagine this is reality.

If you don't need one, I agree don't get one. But they aren't a fad, except among your friends.

No offense intended whatsoever.