the Kindle is not a tablet

by 4Denise - 3/1/13 4:52 PM

In Reply to: Tablet not an E-reader? by Anysia

The Kindle is an e-reader. You are confusing the Kindle with the Kindle Fire. They are not the same thing. The Kindle is an e-reader.

Tablets are not e-readers. I don't know why people haven't got enough sense to understand the difference. I can read on my desktop as well, but that does not make it an e-reader. E-readers are devices that are for reading ONLY. They are designed for one thing only. Tablets do not qualify.

I have seen a lot of people buy tablets, and only one who bought one for actual use. Yes, many people are more concerned about having the latest gadget sitting in the corner gathering dust than they are about spending their money wisely. I still say if it does not meet a need then skip it.