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by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff - 3/1/13 10:45 AM

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Hi Mallen,

As to why your laptop would get a signal just fine, but get a worse signal from the TV, it's because your laptop probably has an antenna optimized for being a mobile device. For the TV, it has a maximum range of 50 feet, but we recommend that the range be 25 feet or less with a clear line of sight to get the best signal without bandwidth loss.

From your previous post, issue (1) and (3) are likely related to the network. Issue (2) maybe some other account issue, but I figured I'd try it to solve the network issue first. However, it's possible it could be related. If you want to try something to fix that, do the Smart Hub reset:

I realize you already did a factory reset, but on 2011 and 2012 TV's, resetting to factory defaults doesn't touch Smart Hub.

As far as when these things get updated, Netflix and Hulu each update their respective apps, but we often push them out with firmware updates for various reasons. I see for the most recent update on Oct 7, 2012

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