The responsibility for a child's physical and emotional development is, and will always be, the Parents. They are the 'First Line of Defense', charged with preparing their child to be able to face the sometime's harsh realities of the adult world. Activities that I was able to do as a child can not even be contemplated in the dangerous world of today in many areas. Playing video games is first escapism, which allows stress relief and relaxation but also helps to develop mental requirements like hand-and-eye coordination, memory skills, critical task analysis. Tools every child needs to hone to succeed in just about any future adult endeavor. I did a lot of this as a child by playing outside with friends exploring woods and building forts from tree branches and pine-straw, riding bicycles across town on a nice day. Emulating war-games (yes..playing Army) by using sticks for guns and dirt-clods for grenades... Or playing 'Cops and Robbers',why? Because the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines and Police of that day were our 'Heroes', fighting evil and injustice at home and abroad to protect us all.
MOST Children of today cannot do these simple things. Children are preyed upon, kidnapped and violated by evil, perverted animals EVERY DAY within sight of their OWN homes! So... They can't go out or go far if they do, and they cluster at friend's homes or theirs and wander and explore and compete with each other through virtual worlds because the violence in those worlds cannot hurt them. The are forced to live in this way because we, as parents and Society are unwilling to take the measures needed to identify and remove the animals in our society. These animals have far more 'rights' than they ever afford their victims.
Violence in video games? Too broad a stroke- Defending against and eliminating hordes of Monsters and Alien beings-OK. Chasing down people with cars or virtual participation in beating a human to death or blowing them apart with various weapons is something to be age-controlled and evaluated individually by Parents who then regulate, restrict or outright ban, according to THEIR decision. Not anyone elses'