Lee, I agree with you, it is the parents' fault.

While video games are relatively new, the issue of parental involvement is not. And to me, it comes back to knowing other people in the area. I was very lucky to have grown up in a small, rural town (I didn't think that way then of course) where most of the adults knew each other and they all looked out for everybody's kids. It sure made it hard to have fun sometimes, but at the same time, if trouble developed, an adult or two were soon at hand. And any punishment started right there on the spot, to be continued when you got home. And you tried your hardest to get home before the phone call came! As slow as we might think party lines with crank telephones and all calls having to go through the operator above the Post Office is today, I think more real communication happened on those old lines than happens on most of the cell phones today.
Sometime in the middle 1960's, we started to lose that communication with people around us. As the loss of communication continues to grow, we are now seeing some of the results surface. Parents have isolated themselves from other parents, so when a trend starts among the youth, nobody is aware of it until something, usually bad, happens involving their kids. Everybody is looking for an easy something to blame for this mess we are in. To that I say, take a long, close look in the nearest mirror!
Ask yourself some questions like, "what is my next door neighbor's name?", "what does(did) he/she do for a living?", "how old are their children?", "what do they think of this latest weather?". If you don't know the answer to any questions like these, FIND OUT. In other words, get to know the people who live around you. If we all were to do this, I firmly believe that a whole lot of the troubles we are facing will evaporate.