-- Parents: Contrary to what the government would like everyone to believe, PARENTS are RESPONSIBLE for the children the put on this earth. Parents are responsible for teaching right from wrong, fact from fiction, and self-control at an early age (long before a kid reaches ten years old). Without being taught, kids have absolutely no way of knowing about these things. Without this foundation, kids will grow up to be what we are seeing today. It's the parents who are ultimately responsible for their children's behavior. PERIOD.

But the buck does not stop there.....

-- Vendors/retailers:
How a product is presented to the public [of all ages] does make a difference. Advertisers should be included in this category, too. All of these entities should be reined back the same way that the cigarette and alcohol trade has been.

-- Game developers share in the responsibility, as well. They need to start using true imagination and stop churning out ever more anti-social "games". They need to understand that just because something can be done, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good idea.

-- Federal/local government: While the gov has more power than it should have these days, due to the failures in the above three areas, it is in the unfortunate position of having to pick up the pieces. New laws will eventually come from this. But these laws should go no further than treating violent video games the exact same way as tobacco products and alcohol with the same penalties.

-- Others: Like the gov schools are in the position of having to pick up where parents and others neglect. The difference between fact and fiction needs to be included in the curriculum of all early schools with appropriateness applied to the ages of students. But that would require that TRUE history be taught rather than half or non truths and/or propaganda.

My point is that there is in reality/fact that there is no one place to aim the Blame Game. To do so is nothing but fiction.