I voted for parents but the others bear some responsibility!

I think that the majority of the responsibility falls squarely on the parents shoulders!!!! The parents should have some idea as to what games their kids are playing and the amount of violence contained in said games!

Someone else beat me to the punch of stating that a lot of parents use these games as a babysitting tool, ergo go play your game and leave me alone.

We, wife and I, adopted our granddaughter. We try to keep her head well grounded! She completely loves and will watch "Power Rangers" for hours on end, if allowed. I actually think she is learning some Japanese from all her watching of this program.

To say she was devastated when I told her that the show was make believe/ fiction would be an understatement!!! She was literally crushed! She had thought that this was the real deal and she wanted to become a "Power Ranger" when she grew up. She started watching the show at about 8 or 9ish, she just turned 10.

I pointed out that "real swords" would not be flopping around as they do on the show, after some long talks she finally started to see that this was just a program and not "REAL"!

She is now to the point of when watching a program she will ask if this is real or fiction! Impressionable minds, for whatever reason, tend to believe that what they see on TV programs or in games are real and the behavior displayed is "okay" or sanctioned!! That is why parents must step in/up and make sure that their kids understand what is real and what isn't! After umpteen hours of games they "don't" know the difference! shocked

They also need to instill some "moral values". Telling them that what they see in the games isn't socially acceptable behavior!! At times I think that "My God we're letting games and garbage TV raise our kids". When our/ your kids get raised on bad TV and worse games that glorify killings and total brutality is it any wonder that they are turning out the way they are?????????

Maybe we should bring back public capital punishment/ executions as a new reality show and show the kids what is "Real" and the Punishment that will be doled out if you do the crimes being portrayed in these games!! I know there will be many negatives votes on that statement alone!! But, watch over their shoulder or better yet actually play some of these games yourself! After doing so, a public aired on TV execution will be a yawn for most of them as some games are much more barbaric, gross and glorifying the mass murders of humans, good or bad !!! shocked cry