Are video games really the problem or failure to parent?

For those parents who think these games are the problem, I would recommend you try them. I play Black Ops, Call of Duty, etc with my son as well as others around the world and I would have loved to have these games when I was a kid. I am 47, my son is 14. He is an honor student, works and plays sports and goes to church. If a kid is sitting playing games non-stop and not doing anything else, then it sounds like a parenting issue rather than a video game issue. I'm sure there are some pretty stupid and wild games and my son is not allowed to play those but I think he and I appreciate the friendships we've made all over more than anything. It's time to really figure out what the real problem is because I think the real issue at hand is being missed and blame is being handed out where it is not deserved.

Sign me a happy PS3/Black Ops dad.