In my opinion, there are too many people that do not try to control themselves or teach their children to control themselves and would rather rely on government to legislate by banning activities which are a problem in their lives instead of taking responsibility for their activities eg video games by saying i am prone to violence so i will not play these games as they trigger that emotion in me, or i have a weakness for gambling so i will stay away from casinos. So instead of individuals learning from an early age to say this is bad for me, etc they rely on outside factors to prevent themselves (and everybody else) from engaging in an activity and are quick to blame others instead of themselves when they do something wrong.

People are not been held accountable for their own actions and it is time that we say that individuals must control themselves and allow those of us who can tell reality from cyberspace the freedom to play the games we want to.

parents must teach their children to avoid activities which do not agree with them and in that way the market will change because if there are no buyers the product must evolve or perish.

At the end of the day the games are geared towards the players, therefore if the players change, the games will also change.

demand = supply, no demand = no supply.